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Raphael Smith, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist


Individual Psychotherapy

Dreamwork, GLBT Issues,

Depression, Grief & Loss

Pet Loss & Bereavement


Dr. Raphael Smith, PsyD, HSPP
is a Clinical Psychologist and Health Service Provider in Psychology, licensed in the State of Missouri.  He additionally holds a Master's Degree in Theological Studies.  Dr. Raphael provides Individual Psychotherapy for Depression and Mood Disorders, Grief and Loss, including Pet Loss and Bereavement, Anxiety and Panic, Relationship Problems, and GLBT issues with a focus on personal growth and development.  His main areas of interest are Pet Loss Grief Counseling and working with individuals towards an integration of mind, body and soul.  Dr. Raphael is an enthusiastic presenter, and has taught numerous classes and seminars on the spiritual and healing values of Dream work and Shadow work.  His personal interests and studies include myths and symbols, ancient mysticism and archetypes. 



Dreamwork spans the vastness of time, dating as far back as 4000 BC.  In more ancient times, dreams were believed to be ways to connect with one's ancestors, predict the future, or find indication of one's role or mission in life.  In more modern times, dreams are believed to be gateways to the unconscious, recognizing that consciousness has many levels, and that Dreamwork can be a way of furthering one's personal and spiritual quest for wholeness and completion.  Dreamwork is a personal and unique endeavor.  Dreams often contain emotional content, and attempt to express a truth about us that cannot be expressed in other ways through the use of symbols and archetypal images.  The next time you find yourself experiencing a nightmare or just having one of those strange or bizarre dreams, consider looking at the dream in a new context--as an opportunity for personal growth and change.


Pet Loss and Bereavement

For some people, the death of their pet can be an overwhelming emotional time.  Managing the symptoms of grief associated with the loss of a pet is complicated by the fact that there are no universally accepted social mechanisms or rituals which support the expressions of grieving a pet.  The primary purpose of pet loss counseling and support is to provide information and emotional support to pet owners who have experienced, or who are anticipating, the death of their pet.  I have been through the experience of losing a pet twice, and personally felt the deep sense of grief and sadness that is, for some of us, as intense and terrible as any other loss of family or friend.  What I found surprising with my own grieving, was how alone I felt in my grief, and that I was embarrassed to admit to anyone, just how deeply I was hurting.  As with all deaths or loss, one can experience intense mourning and grief for the death of animal.  Accepting one's true feelings and facing the pain of loss are key to recovery.  Doing this with someone who understands is truly a blessing. 



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