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Kat Bowie, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Yoga and Body Psychotherapy

Raw Food Nutritional Consulting
Tonglen and Mindfulness Meditation



Dr. Kat Bowie, PsyD is a Clinical Psychologist, licensed in the State of Missouri.  She is certified as a Yoga Teacher (200RYT) and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. She is certified as a consultant in Live and Whole Food Nutrition.  Dr. Kat is a trained Body Psychotherapist, Certified Live and Whole Food Instructor, Certified Holistic Energy Practitioner, Karuna Reiki Master, and non-traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.  Her main focus is on teaching patients through deep individual psychotherapy. Dr. Kat also presents workshops and classes on the integration of the Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit in manifesting positive changes in one’s life.  She is a writer and engaging teacher on yoga, breathwork, the Yoga Sutras, raw food lifestyles, Tonglen and Mindfulness meditations, stress-reduction, and alternative and energy medicines. 


Yoga and Body-Psychotherapy

You are a magnificent Being made of a Mind, Spirit, Emotions, and a body.  All of this is embodied in the person that you are.  The journey to your Inner Self is the path of accessing all of the information contained within yourself through your body.  Yoga and Body Psychotherapy helps you learn to dialogue with your body so that you can unlock the answers to life-long questions.  Your body has witnessed everything you have ever experienced and retains the information at a cellular level.  Through Yoga and Body Psychotherapy, this information, called Samskara, is accessed and released, facilitating healing.  Through these techniques you can learn who you are in totality and what it is to be whole.  Yoga and Body-Psychotherapy utilizes ancient yogic sciences, the Yoga Sutras, breathing, movement, holistic energy techniques, quantum physics, and traditional psycho-dynamic therapy techniques.  These are appropriate techniques for those with a sincere desire for deep transformation in their lives.


Live and Whole Food Nutrition Consultation

Dr. Bowie specializes in Live and Whole Food Nutrition and offers classes and workshops on the gentle introduction of more healthy choices into one’s life.  Other workshops offered are basic introduction into juice-fasting, basic live and whole food education, meditation, stress-reduction, spiritual connection, understanding our innate intuitive abilities, alternate and energy medicine, yoga, and whole-person health.

Tonglen Meditation
Tonglen Meditation is very beneficial in helping reduce anxiety, depression, PTSD, and feelings of being alone and isolated. It helps one come to terms with the parts of ourselves that we fear and gain a sense of peace with feeling ungrounded in our very uncertain world and times. Once the basics are learned this techniques can be practiced anytime and anywhere. Having been a life-long meditator, Dr. Kat has taught a variety of meditation and stress-reducing practices. She has practiced Tonglen Meditation for over 25 years.

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